Friday, March 4, 2011

LinkedIn Survey Promotion-In breif

There are three great places to post your survey link on LinkedIn:

The first is the “Network Activity” box on the main page of your LinkedIn profile. This will update your status and appear to everyone in your network prompting them to participate in your survey.
The “Network Activity” Box on LinkedIn
The second place to post your survey link is the LinkedIn Groups. Using the search function you can find groups relevant to your industry and interests. Once you become a member of these groups you can ask other members to participate in your survey by posting your survey link in a discussion.
Example of a Group Discussion Posting
The third place to post your survey link is the “Answers” section.  You can find this section in the “More” drop-down menu on the top of your LinkedIn profile page. Asking a question is quick and easy: enter your question and select the appropriate category to place it under. Additionally, you can then send your question by email to connections you think may be able to help so you can make sure they don’t miss it.
(The Answers feature is not intended to help you recruit, advertise, or announce a job search so make sure you do not check any of these boxes as these questions will be flagged and removed.)

When you post to the Answers section your question immediately appears under the Answers tab, on your profile, as well as on the LinkedIn homepage of your connections. You also have the option to email directly to your connections.

If you choose to ask your question privately it will not appear on the site and will instead be delivered as a message to whichever connections you chose.
LinkedIn Answers Example
The option here gives control over to whom you would like your survey to go out to. In this screen you have the option to send it to your connections (in this case the survey link will be clickable), or you can hit the skip button and launch it to the entire Linkedin community.
Voila! Your survey is posted and ready to garner participation.

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