Thursday, November 11, 2010

Backlinking Process: To improve PR and drive traffic

1.Directory Submission
2.Social Bookmarking
3.Article Submission
4.Press Release Submission
5.Forum Posting
6.Video submission
7.Link Exchange
8.Blog Comments
9.Blog Post
10.Web 2.0/3.0
11.viral marketing
12.Social Networking
13.Video Blogging
15.Video Marketing
16. Content Sharing
17. Classifieds
18. Q&A
19.Online Community
20.Photo Sharing

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Video Marketing

1.       Upload your video to YouTube and other video share sites.
2.      Email some video ads to friends  (so that friends also sent these videos to their friends and made it more viral)
3.      Allow people to use your videos on their web sites. ( This will help you to gain a lot of links pointing to your website which will increase your link popularity and help with Brand Recognition.)
4.      Create a blog on a website and add videos and images on a continual basis to create a viral video marketing campaign.
5.     Place video and links where they are most likely to spread via tags, bookmarks and word of mouth
6.      Plant positive seeds aimed directly at your target market.
7.      Use multiple networks to host your video to increase exposure.
8.      Use social bookmarking websites to tag your video and other related materials
9.      Comment on a blogs and podcasts about your video where relevant (but don’t spam).
10.   Join social networking sites such as Facebook & Twitter to expand your reach.
11.    Join communities on social networking sites to gain attention
12.  Sign up
13.   Create profile in you tube channels
14.   Upload your film logo as your profile picture. Upload film stills to the photos area. If you have a trailer or film clips, upload those videos. Add upcoming screenings to events.
15.   Under "Info," input your films release date, genre and studio; plus a short synopsis, cast members and a link to a film website if you have one.
16.   Suggest to Friends." (You might have to click the "More" button.) Go through your friends list and send invites to everybody you know to become a fan of your page.
17.   Finally, input interesting facts about your film in the "Share" box, such as new reviews, screening info and more, that will send updates to all of your film's fans.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Guidelines

1. Top Commentator Backlinks
2. Brand Identity
3. More Exposure and Traffic.
4. Do comment on dofollow blogs
5. Research and comment on relevant industry related blogs and blogs with significant centers of influence.
6. Always respond to comments on your blog
7. When you detect a mention of your blog on another blog, thank that blogger in the comments of the post.

1. Free blog directories-it can be an excellent source for building links
2. Paid blog directories-it will provide you with much high-quality backlinks and quality traffic to you

1. Get Re-tweets

1. Use networked blogs to feed posts to Facebook page.
1. Drive more traffic to your blog

1. Meet other bloggers and help others get their information out there.

1. Request feedback or reviews of your blog in relevant forums, discussion threads.
2. If you have a resourceful post that will help others, point to it.

1. Regular posts will get you links, visit, comment and share your posts.
2. Each post must be unique and high value

1. Publish content for directories such as eZine Articles, Go Articles, etc.,

1. Use keywords in the blog post title, in the body of the post
2. Use anchor text when you link to previous posts you’ve made.

1. Post your link in forums, and your forum signature.
2. Many Forums provide Dofollow link via signatures of signed up users.

1. Social media is very popular source of backlinks. At least bookmark yourself.
2. Create good content on your website, other members will eventually bookmark you and you’ll get a free back link.
3. A good example is and

1. Stumble upon is an Internet Community
2. This will help bring traffic to your website beyond expectations.

1. Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects of interest.
2. Get solid backlinks and a chance to get quality traffic too.
3. Set up a Squidoo lens with good content and link to your site from it.

1. Submit press release about events in your business and website. Of course include the link to your website.

1. Blog carnival is a type of blog event
2. Submit posts to blog carnivals.

1, Answer a question on Yahoo Answers and reference your site.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

SEO Lesson 2

For Example,

"iPhone Application Development"
"Web design and development"

Once the keyword is selected. Lets Optimize our webpage


For Example,

iPhone Application Development | Website Design and Development | SEO Services

1In the Title tag maximum of 10 words can be used
2i,e Maximum of 70 characters
3Each keyword phrase should be separated by an pipe line symbol "|"
4Always combine the keywords in the page title

In the Alt Tag, the keyword phrase should be added. For images the alt tag can be added. Since the images cannot read by the google bot, the alt tag help to provide the text content embedded with the image.

For Example,

img src="iphone application.jpg" alt="iPhone development image"


There is a wrong thinking in the seo world that the keyword density can be improved by placing the keyword where ever on the pages frequently.

But this is not the fact, by placing the keyword frequently leads to spam and the best way is only by improving the off page optimization factors will help to get you high rank

Learn SEO - SEO Lessons 1

The basic step before collecting information, we have to do the KEYWORD RESEARCH. It is the very important step to be processed in the search engine optimization and it should not be skipped.

As there will be tons of traffic for the particular keyword, so it is better to select more specific LONG TAIL KEYWORD which contains more than two words.

Search for more keyword phrase. Where two, three or four words in combined format is advisable to bring lots and lots of traffic to your website.

Remember the only way to increase the website page rank(PR)is by getting order website to link to us. The keyword specific rank is depend on the keyword specific links.

The On page factors are

1.Title Tag
2.Meta Tag
3.H1 and H2
4.ALT Tag
5.Image Name
6.URL Structure
8.Sub Page URLs
9.User Friendly Design

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reality of SEO

The Reality of Google is that it cannot read your web page, since Google is a Computer Algorithm which is mainly called a Program.

So What drives Rank?

The answer to the question is through the recommendation for the website, that is through the LINKS which is the off page factor.

The Best way to improve the volume and traffic for your website is by participating with people around the world, socialize yourself, hang around with friends and communities. Higher your links higher your gain.

To Rank you Need the Right Links

The ON PAGE factors results only in 20-30% traffic but the OFF PAGE factors results around 70-80% traffic.

Keyword specific Rank is dependent on keyword specific Links

Links Google looking for:-

--> Link Popularity
--> Link Age
--> Link Topic
--> Link Authority
--> Link Reputation
--> Link Growth Rate
--> Link within a community
--> Link Anchor Text

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What is Link Building Campaign?

scenarios of Link Building

Link Building Campaigns

Check out this Presentation:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

10 Important Tips for SEO Friendly Website

1. Avoid creating menu on the left-hand side of a website. If unavoidable, an alternative way is to put some text with rich keywords at the top or above the left-hand menu so that this text will be the first thing to read by search engines.

2. Headlines are rated more important than the rest of the web page by search engines. To take advantage of this, you should have your keywords in the page headline. Since the header tag (h1) is quite large, you should format it to make it smaller.

3. Every page should contain the "title" and "description" tags with good keywords to describe the page content. The number of words for the title should not exceed 9 and that for the description should not be more than 20 words in order to keep within the limits of most search engines.

4. Try not to use Flash when possible. Flash cannot be read by the search engines to date and will cause slow page loading time and makes people run away

5. Think twice on how to use graphics. Make them relevant to your content and use an Alt tag containing the relevant keyword(s)

6. Do not only use images to link out. You should always use text links to link out to important content on your web site. Spiders can follow image links, but like text links more though

7. Avoid using frames. Some search engines cannot spider web pages with frames at all. For the other search engines that can, they can have problems spidering it and sometimes they too cannot index the web page

8. Avoid using too complex tables when laying out your page but to keep them simple for the spiders. There are some engines which find it difficult to navigate through to the other pages on your website if the navigation bar is too complicated

9. Use external Cascading Style Sheets and Java Script files to reduce page size and make the download time much faster. It will allow the spider to index your web page faster and can help your ranking

10. Use standard HTML. Software such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver or a WYSIWYG editor will often add unnecessary scripting codes that will make the page larger than it needed and make it harder to crawl. It will sometimes add codes that can't be read by search engines, causing the spider not to index the page or not index the whole web page. If to use, you should use those web page creator software wisely with a good understanding of html.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

SEO Guidelines - Course Of Action

SEO - Design and Concept Guidelines

Step 1 Website should be clear and in hierarchical format with the text links

Step 2 Site map should be used, if the websites particular page contain more than 100 links, then you want to break the site map into separate pages

Step 3 Create useful, unique and information rich content in your website

Step 4 Think about the keyword the user would type to find your page

Step 5 It is the best practice to use text instead of images to display important content. Google crawler doesn't recognize the text embedded in the images

Step 6 If you want to use images for textual content, consider using the "ALT" attribute which include short description about the image

Step 7 Keep in mind that the "title" tag and the "alt" attribute should be very accurate and informative

Step 8 Check the broken links and correct the HTML page

Step 9
Aware of "?" Symbol used in URL, since not every search engine spider crawls it

Step 10
Usage of links in all the web pages should be reasonable , not more than 100 links

Google Crawler - Sitemap


Site maps is the wall to tell Google about the pages on your website that you should create and submit site map ( XML Site map )

Site map can also contain information about video, news, code search, etc.,

Steps to be followed when your website is ready

Step-1 Submit your website to

Step-2 Submit your site map to the search engine

Step-3 Make sure that all other website knows that your site is active or online

Thursday, May 6, 2010

SEO-Quality Content

Quality Content is like the heart of SEO,create the content compelling and useful for the users or visitors need in such a way that it attracts their attention and which likely want to direct the other users to your website.

Content should be fresh and unique,Avoid dumping large amount of contents which is irrelevant to your website. It is preferred to write the content on your own or make other professional content writers to write content for your website.

Breaking up your content into logical chunks helps the user to fetch their need faster, use hierarchical structure format in your website with the usage of headings and sub headings with appropriate category and content flow.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is SEO?

SEO is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization which helps our website to achieve higher page rank and by reducing the traffic.

When the user have to know any information they needed(for example:Results) they use the search engines and type the keywords to their search aspects accordingly, A huge amount of websites will be displayed related to their search.

The user mostly prefer only the top ten listing websites in the first page.To make your website one of the top ranking, SEO should be performed for your website.Now you will be familiar with the basic concept.

SEO can be performed by various techniques to make your website higher page ranking compared to others.This could be done by two basic techniques On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.Page Rank is what SEO is mainly concerned as an important contributor to higher search engine rankings .Higher the page rank, greater your online "importance"