Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reality of SEO

The Reality of Google is that it cannot read your web page, since Google is a Computer Algorithm which is mainly called a Program.

So What drives Rank?

The answer to the question is through the recommendation for the website, that is through the LINKS which is the off page factor.

The Best way to improve the volume and traffic for your website is by participating with people around the world, socialize yourself, hang around with friends and communities. Higher your links higher your gain.

To Rank you Need the Right Links

The ON PAGE factors results only in 20-30% traffic but the OFF PAGE factors results around 70-80% traffic.

Keyword specific Rank is dependent on keyword specific Links

Links Google looking for:-

--> Link Popularity
--> Link Age
--> Link Topic
--> Link Authority
--> Link Reputation
--> Link Growth Rate
--> Link within a community
--> Link Anchor Text

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