Thursday, June 3, 2010

SEO Guidelines - Course Of Action

SEO - Design and Concept Guidelines

Step 1 Website should be clear and in hierarchical format with the text links

Step 2 Site map should be used, if the websites particular page contain more than 100 links, then you want to break the site map into separate pages

Step 3 Create useful, unique and information rich content in your website

Step 4 Think about the keyword the user would type to find your page

Step 5 It is the best practice to use text instead of images to display important content. Google crawler doesn't recognize the text embedded in the images

Step 6 If you want to use images for textual content, consider using the "ALT" attribute which include short description about the image

Step 7 Keep in mind that the "title" tag and the "alt" attribute should be very accurate and informative

Step 8 Check the broken links and correct the HTML page

Step 9
Aware of "?" Symbol used in URL, since not every search engine spider crawls it

Step 10
Usage of links in all the web pages should be reasonable , not more than 100 links

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