Saturday, July 31, 2010

SEO Lesson 2

For Example,

"iPhone Application Development"
"Web design and development"

Once the keyword is selected. Lets Optimize our webpage


For Example,

iPhone Application Development | Website Design and Development | SEO Services

1In the Title tag maximum of 10 words can be used
2i,e Maximum of 70 characters
3Each keyword phrase should be separated by an pipe line symbol "|"
4Always combine the keywords in the page title

In the Alt Tag, the keyword phrase should be added. For images the alt tag can be added. Since the images cannot read by the google bot, the alt tag help to provide the text content embedded with the image.

For Example,

img src="iphone application.jpg" alt="iPhone development image"


There is a wrong thinking in the seo world that the keyword density can be improved by placing the keyword where ever on the pages frequently.

But this is not the fact, by placing the keyword frequently leads to spam and the best way is only by improving the off page optimization factors will help to get you high rank

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