Friday, March 4, 2011

Elements of LinkedIn

1. Click the “Add Connection” and add the 1st and 2nd party connection related to your industry, colleagues and friends,  related to your expertise; Reconnect with lost customers and prospects
2. Click the "Groups" tab and then enter terms that enable you to find the groups that relate to your products or services. Click the "Join Group" button next to your preference and then follow the prompts to add your business. 

3. Once the moderator approves your request, click the "Discussions" link next to the group and regularly participate in the discussions to engage with the community and get your name out.

4. Click the "More" tab and then select the "Answers" title to search for questions and respond to the topics that you are knowledgeable about. Not only does this give your business credibility, but LinkedIn keeps a record of your posts and labels you as an expert, which they feature on the "Answers" home page and every question category.

5. Click the "Ask for a recommendation" link in the "Recommendations" section to request testimonials from others who do business with you. The responses are posted on your profile and it gives your company more chances to be discovered in search results.

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