Friday, March 4, 2011

LinkedIn Business Promotion Methods

1. 100% profile completeness
  • Promote your content through integrating Blog, Videos and PowerPoint Presentations. 
  • Brief Summary about the company and the Survey
  • Join the relevant groups; participating in discussions always brings prosperity to your business
  • LinkedIn Answers is a great way of getting your query responded by people in your network and also gives an opportunity to help your connection by answering their questions
  • Create Engagement – Be Relevant Build Credibility Increase Visibility
  • ü  Add connections related to your expertise; Reconnect with lost customers and prospects • Showcase your expertise • Keep in touch with industry updates, trends & issues
  • Write Testimonials
  • Question and Answers  related to your expertise
  • Adding Events
  • Add Application
  • Import blogs in linkedin
  • Good status content-Presentation
  • polls
  • Include linkedin address with your signature
  • Notification about the product launches
  • Company buzz

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