Saturday, October 23, 2010

Video Marketing

1.       Upload your video to YouTube and other video share sites.
2.      Email some video ads to friends  (so that friends also sent these videos to their friends and made it more viral)
3.      Allow people to use your videos on their web sites. ( This will help you to gain a lot of links pointing to your website which will increase your link popularity and help with Brand Recognition.)
4.      Create a blog on a website and add videos and images on a continual basis to create a viral video marketing campaign.
5.     Place video and links where they are most likely to spread via tags, bookmarks and word of mouth
6.      Plant positive seeds aimed directly at your target market.
7.      Use multiple networks to host your video to increase exposure.
8.      Use social bookmarking websites to tag your video and other related materials
9.      Comment on a blogs and podcasts about your video where relevant (but don’t spam).
10.   Join social networking sites such as Facebook & Twitter to expand your reach.
11.    Join communities on social networking sites to gain attention
12.  Sign up
13.   Create profile in you tube channels
14.   Upload your film logo as your profile picture. Upload film stills to the photos area. If you have a trailer or film clips, upload those videos. Add upcoming screenings to events.
15.   Under "Info," input your films release date, genre and studio; plus a short synopsis, cast members and a link to a film website if you have one.
16.   Suggest to Friends." (You might have to click the "More" button.) Go through your friends list and send invites to everybody you know to become a fan of your page.
17.   Finally, input interesting facts about your film in the "Share" box, such as new reviews, screening info and more, that will send updates to all of your film's fans.

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